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City of Devil

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In China, people have named this desert as “Moguicheng” or a city of devil.

“Moguicheng” is famous in Xinjiang, China. When someone is strolling towards the
castle in a sunny day accompanying with a gentle blowing breeze, one may heard a
nice rhythm coming from the distance. The melodies are just like 10 million shaking
bells, and sometimes one may feel the music like gentle flicking of 10 million guitars’
strings. However, when cyclones come, bulks of sands are rising up in the sky by the
strong winds, the sky turns pitch dark suddenly like a hell, and the nice music no
longer heard but turns into strange sounds. The sounds resemble the roaring of the
tigers, trumpeting of the elephants, and sounds by pigs that are being slaughtered,
babies’ crying, shouting of the women who are going to die, and alternately the
sounds change to shouting, mourning and quarreling. The storms are then swirling
aggressively by shooting up to the sky accompanying by terrified wolf growling
sounds in the cloudy nightfall. People are wandering who had built this city and
where do the sounds come from?  –> ( )





Bermuda Triangle

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bermuda triangle
Bermuda Triangle is located in Western North Atlantic, which comprises of seven
major islands, 150 small islands, some islands composed of reefs group. Any hightech
devices or equipments will become malfunction when reaching this mysterious
place and thus the survivors may have encountered problems to communicate with
the outside world. Because of its extremely mysterious characteristic, people have
called this place as a devil triangle.

The Dry Valleys of Antarctica

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This is a mysterious place encountered in the Antarctic Island. People call it “a dry valley with no snow cover.” Antarctic is a place with fewer inhabitants and dwellers and thus some unexplainable phenomenon happenings in Antarctica remain mystery to the outsiders. Approximately 14 million square kilometers of the total area of the Antarctic continent have the snow cover. When viewing from the high sky, the central of the Antarctic is like a pot’s lid plateau. Most of the areas vividly have their surfaces covered with snow with its thickness reaching 2000m and sometimes may attain the thickness up to 4,800m. In winter, the surrounding ice combines with the ice from the ocean to form up one smooth, large plateau to which people can hardly distinguish between the land and the sea.


Here a glacier coming from the continental ice field flows down the valley and just dries out. In summer there can be rivers in the Dry Valleys. Moss and some other form of vegetation grow. Some lakes have strange characteristics, like lake Vanda, always covered with ice, but with salt-saturated liquid water underneath and very mysterious biology. Mummified bodies of seals have been found in those parts, hundreds of kilometers from the sea.


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When we were small, we used to assemble wooden blocks to establish a building, but have we ever thought of building up a 100-meter high building like these Egyptian Pyramids? How do we build up the building with huge bricks weighing 100 tons each? These grand and marvelous building structures are amazing and their establishments constitute myths and legendary rumors until now.


In North Africa, there are 80 blocks of such pyramids scattered around the Egypt’s Nile River, which have become one of the most miraculous places in the world. The highest pyramid called Cheops Pyramid and it was build by overlapping pile of boulders together. In the making of pyramids, Egyptians were not using any adhesive, glue or nails to attach the pile of boulders and one could even hardly find cracks or gaps  among the rocks or stones from the overlapping plot. 

Nevertheless, the structure is extremely firm and strong that the sharp blades or swords could not even pass through. In addition, Egyptian Pyramids have experiencing 5,000 years of strong wind’s erosions and yet these artifacts are remained not touch by the nature. They appeared to stand alone like warriors in the desert. These towering pyramids are such spectacular and superior buildings human had ever made on the Earth.

Voyagers are leaving the Solar System

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NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft is the most distant human-made object in the universe.
Its twin, Voyager 2, has traveled to more planets than any other in history. The spacecraft twins, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, were launched by NASA during the summer of 1977 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Barring any fatal equipment failures, the Voyager twins are likely to survive and relay data from
beyond the outer planets for many decades into the 21st century.
Today, in a dark, cold, vacant neighborhood at the very edge of our Solar System, NASA’s Voyager 1 deep space probe holds the record as the Earth explorer that has traveled farthest from home.


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Earth is one of planet
in space that known have life inside. Earth is 3rd planet that nearest from
the Sun, one of our source of light. Earth
covers approximately 4.5 billion years old (4,540,000,000 years old).With
that long long period, we knew that Earth have many generation of life being. In present, we know
that human being have limitation to see the history, that’s why we’re here to
documented human’s research, and make another conclusion and opinion about
the secrets of the earth.